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About Us

Pantheon Arms LLC was founded in 2015 to facilitate the acquisition of the Dolos AR15 Takedown system from Huntertown Arms, which Huntertown Arms had taken to market in 2011.  Pantheon Arms is a Wyoming-based USMC veteran-owned organization that manufactures and markets products that convert AR15s into concealed carry weapons with no loss in capability or permanent modifications.  Our current product lineup includes:

  • Dolos, our flagship product, replaces the barrel nut with a two piece design that allows the barrel to be removed from the weapon.  This allows for concealed carry, adding multi-caliber capability to any AR15, ease of cleaning, safe storage, and ability to quickly clear many weapon malfunctions by simple removal of the barrel.

  • Kentri, a complete buffer replacement, that presents 3.5 inches of buffer extending past the rear of the receiver.

Our products are particularly suited to law enforcement, security, and any other user where concealed carry of a rifle is desirable.

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